Our Culture

Train Like You Mean It!

Apex Martial Arts mission is to serve our members and families to the maximum. To accomplish this, we strive for continuous improvement in everything we do. From providing the best training and class experience to ongoing staff training and expanding our facilities and improving our curriculum. 

Apex Martial Arts takes it's responsibility to help each member achieve their highest potential and believes that responsibility expands to the community. We are grateful that we can help and believe that extends to the community in the form of giving back. This demonstrates our commitment to our culture why so many people choose to be a part of our school.

Everyone starts on a different part of the road. Our focus is to help each individual go from where they are today, to the person they want to be tomorrow. We have a saying 'tomorrow never comes,' so we focus on teaching methods than unlock human potential and self defense skills and the mind training and character building skills that help people be their best self.


Our Art


What Is Kuntao Silat?

Kuntao Silat is a progressive martial art, with roots in both Indonesian and Chinese martial arts. It reflects the practical and flexible approach of the land it came from. Indonesia, or the 'Spice Islands' was a hazardous place to live. The self defense skills had to easy-to-absorb and practical, yet the training had to have value long past any youthful competition stage. So in this unique crucible a training system evolved that blended the battle-proven martial arts with health and longevity skills so you could walk like a warrior without fear, no matter wether you are young or old.

First you adapt to the system, then the system adapts to you. Every Kuntaoer (a nick name for practitioners) learns the laws and principles of the art, learns how to get out of their own way so they can unlock their inner potential. Then their own unique approach becomes visible as they make the art their own.

Training comes in through several primary methods:

Basics (exercises unique to our martial arts that condition you and unlock the powers of your body.)

Djurus: (Upper body movements)

Langkahs: (Lower body movements)

Technique: (Drills to develop timing, power, sensitivity and technique. This can include technique practice, counter-to counter and pad work.)

Sensitivity Training: Unique skills that teach how to understand and control an opponent with just a touch.

This training formula has been proven successful and crates an efficient, skilled practitioner very quickly. Through this training, you learn how to tap into the natural structure and physics of your body to build focus, resiliency, true confidence, and happy vitality that can transform every aspect of your live from home to work, with yourself and with others.

While Kuntao Silat is the most practical form of self defense, it strives to remember that it is a martial art. Kuntao Silat teaches that before you can conquer an opponent, first you must conquer yourself. And it is in the art, expressed through a commitment to both our traditions and the pursuit of excellence through self-expression, creativity and humility that we see this expressed.

Kuntao: (definition. Hokkien Chinese) - "Way of the Fist"

Silat: (Definition. Behasa/Malay)  Martial Art 

Our name reflects recognition of both our Indonesian and Chinese martial arts heritage.

Apex Founder

Chief instructor: Joe 'Mas' Judt

Joe “Mas” Judt passion is martial arts. He is an expert, with over 40 years experience teaching and practicing martial arts. From public seminars by waterfalls to teaching individuals how to unlock their inner power, Singung Joe has taught all over the country and currently has a student body spanning across 8 states and overseas. He has an extensive background full of achievements, including a 5th degree black belt in Combat Shuai Chiao and recognized as a Sigung (teacher of teachers) in American Kuntao Silat. A former San Da champion, coach and referee, he competed in pre-UFC days and offers insights into the bridge between combat sport and real martial art. He founded Apex Martial Arts in order to help others enjoy the freedom and success he achieved through old school training.