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Level Up Get Fit With a Purpose

Kuntao Silat is a rare gem of the martial arts. It is traditional and classical, yet modern and functional. Students engage in many old school exercises that reveal principles and strategies that ensure successful self defense against bigger, taller and more aggressive opponents. Kuntao Silat will not only challenge you physically, it will also empower by revealing how to use the strategies of the art in all areas of your life so that you can live your best life now. Think of it like Krav Maga, only for defending yourself against skilled attackers AND the everyday challenges of life.

Like Nothing Else in Hampton Roads

Located inside Universal Fitness in  Cheapeake Virginia, we are the only Kuntao Silat school in Hampton Roads. The Indonesian art of self defense provides no-nonsense self defense skills and unlocks the hidden powers of your body. You may never have to fight for your life, but  there are dangers that stalk you just as surly as a tiger in the grass. Work stress, injury, age, they can rob you of your confidence, health and power. With our proven Kuntao Silat program you can create balance, unlock your potential, feel safe and walk with the confidence of a warrior for all your days!

Tomorrow Never Comes

Did you start martial arts as a child and stopped? Or maybe it is something you always wanted to do, but never thought you had the time or wanted to 'get fit' first. There are all kinds of reasons, but nothing should stop you from the benefits ApeX Martial Arts offers.

Life Changing Benefits of ApeX Martial Arts

Instructors Who Care About You Achieving Your Goals

Feel Safe and Confident With Practical, Direct and Proven Self Defense

Burn More Calories in One Hour Than Most Workouts

Be A Part of Something Special While Making New Friends

Personal attention with limited class sizes

Feel Empowered and Positive Enjoying This Unique Martial Lifestyle

Chesapeake Virginia Martial Arts Kuntao Silat

Go Beyond The Ordinary

Dedicated to Serving You

Our team trains constantly to provide you with a true outcomes-based martial arts experience focused on your mind-body goals. We'll challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone and achieve more than you might have thought possible. At the same time, we will work at your pace to keep it safe and fun. Who knows? You may end up finding the master within, and wouldn't that be a good thing?

Discover the P.R.I.M.A.T.E. difference...

ApeX Kuntao Silat is unlike most any other fitness or martial art. We call this difference P.R.I.M.A.T.E. - it's the glue that the old school players knew and had been hidden until now.

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Located inside Universal Fitness

We're located inside Universal Fitness, right next to the Dollar Tree.

Apex Martial Arts

1457 Mount Pleasant Road, Chesapeake, Virginia 23322, United States


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What People Say About Us


John M. Woodcock

"My wife and  I have never tried martial arts before. Joe is a great teacher that really cares about his students. We are having a blast learning and getting fit."

Marc Matson

"I came to Guru Joe's original school in Chicago with 20 years of training in the martial arts. On my first day one of the people that had been around awhile said that "A lot of martial arts talk about being able to do amazing things. In Kuntao Silat those amazing things are possible." That statement is so true. Kuntao Silat training is unique, amazing, and FUN! It has absolutely made me a better person. 

Guru Joe is an unending fountain of knowledge, an amazing coach, and a great all around guy. Missing out on training with him is to miss a huge opportunity "

Gian Lencionni

"I have been training martial arts since 1989, and Guru Joe's training method was a real eye-opener. He taught me solid skills that worked live in the real world  

Guru Joe has a teaching style that is not only fun, but breaks the skills down so even the most difficult are easy to learn and understand. His ability to pass his knowledge with such ease sets him far above most other teachers I have encountered in my past.

He has taught me more keys to unlock my understanding, and helped me to really know the martial arts, than anyone else I have ever encountered."

Ajarn Rick Sollo - owner of Aki Muay Thai Trainig Hall. Trainer of champions.

"Mas Judt can fight and teach and makes the art look good. He is one of the best I have ever seen. A lot of people feel that way."