Welcome to P.R.I.M.A.T.E. - a breakthrough in martial arts training.

It's about what makes Apex Martial Arts different

Welcome to Progressive Resistance Integrated Movement and Technical Efficiency. We call it P.R.I.M.A.T.E, and it's the key to helping you unlock your potential.

First, let's define our terms,

Progressive Resistance: Movements get more challenging as you get better and stronger.

Integrated Movement: Whole body power in every motion.

Adaptive Technical Efficiency: techniques that suit the task at hand. Whether you are lifting groceries, throwing a punch, or running a mud race, you will learn how to select the most effective Movement Technology.

It's training that is about more than looking good, it's moving well. Giving you the ability to apply internal martial art training principles to every part of your life.

Each of these three concepts mutually support each other.

Weight-lifting (something we highly recommend) is Progressive Resistance (PR) without Integrated Movement (IM) or Adaptive Technical Expression (ATE).

Dance and yoga are Integrated Movement (IM) with no Progressive Resistance (PR). You can only do more repetitions or hold a posture longer.

CrossFit is PR and IM with no Adaptive Technical Expression (ATE). It teaches movements that only appear functional. It doesn't teach you how to transfer the gym gains into combat advantage or sports edge.

By uniting Progressive Resistance, Integrated Movement and Adaptive Technical Expression, our Kuntao Silat martial arts program provides a full spectrum mind-body practice that takes what you train in the school and makes it an expression of yourself. Something that is always present and available as part of you that is ready to face unexpected danger in self defense, manage the stress of life and work, and are every task from practicing KunTao Silat to carrying the groceries easier, more efficient and away to help you live your best life.

P.R.I.M.A.T.E. name and its training philosophy and strategies are TM and copyright 2017 Apex Martial Arts LLC located in Chesapeake, Virginia.